Every week and every day I read blog posts, listen to Podcasts episodes, and watch YouTube videos put out by great marketers.  Many are centered around short-term and long-term goals, action steps, and daily method of operations, that you can implement in your business in order to achieve your goals. Whatever your short-term or long-term goals are for you and your marketing business… the one thing that I personally believe could potentially have the biggest impact on whether or not you’ll actually accomplish, or at least get well on your way to accomplishing, those goals… is your core desire.

Your core desire is what actually lies just beneath the surface level desire of achieving a particular goal, and it is often times what drives you to achieve that goal. So whether your goal is to reach your first $1,000 per month online income mark… the $5,000 per month, or $10,000 per month online income mark… I personally believe that your core desire will be the single greatest factor in whether or not you move forward and accomplish that goal, or stay exactly where you are today.

In order to identify what core desire is driving you to reach a goal… you simply need to ask yourself… “why do I want to accomplish this goal?”  What will accomplishing that goal give both you and your lifestyle, and how will accomplishing it change your life?

From an Affiliate Marketing perspective, there is also a little bit of sales training involved here… because when you talk to people or “speak to” a person, be it through your daily e-mails, through Facebook, or over the phone… if you can bring to the forefront of your prospect’s mind what their “materialistic” goal will actually do for their lives…your sales closing ratios, your duplication, the production of your team members will be so much stronger because people will be using or leveraging a much stronger “why”, and a much stronger source of motivation. And while I’m not one to harp on finding your why… I do believe there is an extremely powerful aspect to realizing what you’re actually going for… and why you’re actually going for it.

If your goal is to be making $10,000 per month online… really drill down to what earning that $10,000 each month will give you. Usually what you’ll find is that among most people who are extremely driven, and the ones who do the best and produce the most results in their business… they have an extremely deep underlying core desire that they are very emotionally tied to.

Whether it’s the fact that they can’t spend any time with their kids in their current lifestyle, and they need to change that because they are going to lose time with their family and kids… and that’s just not a reality that they want to see in their future. That’s an extremely powerful why, and an extremely powerful core desire… that will drive them to work hard, and to put in the hours necessary to create the results that they’re looking to create… to make that $10,000 per month by the end of the year… versus something that they just kind of put off in the distance as a goal, but then they never accomplish it.

Whether it’s maybe working their tail off so they can put their child through school, etc., or something extremely powerful like that… the people who do the best in their businesses… the best in their lives in general… tend to have extremely powerful reasons as to why they’re operating at such a high level… why they’re producing at such a high level… why they get out of bed every morning and continue to produce at a high level even though they might already be in the top one…two…three percent of their profession already.

So, what I would urge you to do today is to write down your goals… a time-line for achieving them… a daily plan and routine as to how you are going to continue progressing toward achieving them on a daily basis. I highly recommend you really take some time to investigate why you’re actually looking to accomplish whatever the goal may be that your setting for yourself… and then really drill down and discover what the core underlying desire is behind, for example, the financial figure that we used as an example earlier. In doing so, you’ll greatly increase your chances of accomplishing it because you have much more desire… much more willpower behind your work on a daily basis… and you’ll be able to get through all of the tough times that are bound to happen when you’re trying to build a business.

Building a business is not easy, there’s going to be tests. There’s going to be things that happen to you that knock you down. There’s going to be things you have to get up from, and if you have that core underlying desire mapped out as to why you want to achieve what your goal… your chances of getting back up, your chances of being persistent, and your chances of being consistent on a daily basis are so much greater.

So please feel free to comment below and let me know what your core desire is in whatever goal you are working toward this month, or this year. Also let me know if you use this method of discovery, persuasion and influence, when you’re talking prospects. Let me know if it’s something that you tried in the past. Realize that if you are talking to prospects on the phone… if you can be the individual that really brings to the front of your prospect’s mind why they’re actually looking to accomplish any result, your influence and persuasion with that individual will be amplified x10.